The Story of Little Bluebird

After releasing Little Bluebird on the first day of spring 2020, I have been so proud of watching her launch & take flight!

First making an appearance on Double J, thanks to Sarah Howells and from there being played by many great Australian & International radio stations. I have always been an independent artist and felt like I am making things up as I go along, which can sometimes feel a little lonely and overwhelming. The same feeling I get sitting in the corner of a venue singing like a songbird and having to sometimes sing over the noise of the crowd and all of life's distractions. That is where the inspiration came for Little Bluebird.

It's a dance between a songbird and her guitar, through what feels like a storm of insecurities, loneliness, the need to control, and the fear that her song will go forever unheard. However, through the commitment to create art again and watching my new record come to fruition, all of those fears are slowly melting away and I feel the childlike artist is coming alive in me again.

What a beautiful way to end, what has been for many, a devastating and uncertain year. 2020 has taught me that life can change so quickly for anyone and therefore there is no reason to hold on so tightly to the idea of control. Each day is to be enjoyed and embraced and as corny & simple as that sounds, up until now, I have not been able to practice it in my life.

Little Bluebird is my commitment to singing through the noise of life and to continue to tell my story through song, even if my fears are louder than the tune.

Grab a cuppa or a glass of wine, put on some good headphones, close your eyes and go on a journey with the Little Bluebird.


Anna Weatherup xx


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