International Songwriting Competition

A few weeks back, Little Bluebird made it into the 2021 Semi-Finals list for the big International Songwriting Competition, that is run outta Nashville USA! 26,000 entries were received this year so I am extremely grateful and encouraged. Awards, most certainly are not everything, but of course it’s always nice to receive acknowledgement after putting my heart out into the world.

Since my visit to the studio late last year, I have been living & breathing all things new single. The recording of Passenger has been mastered and the final touches on the music video are being made! This one is a cracker too! It was written about 8 years ago while I was living in Sydney, but couldn't be more relevant to the times we face in our world today. So to say I am keen to get this song out into the stratosphere would be an understatement! Please make sure you are on my mailing list so you do not miss the release day.

Rock on,

Anna W

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