An update from Brisbane Airport.

G’day all, I am writing to you from the Brisbane airport after a few days in the studio, working on my new music video. There has been a lot of logistical challenges with this new track and its release, due to our current pandemic, but I have made the choice to ride the wave and continue to push forward. It’s a great song and I look forward to sharing it with you!

This will be the final single to come out in the lead up to my full record, which is sounding sublime. Making this record has had some challenges but now that the songs are taking shape I can see that it is all totally worth it!!

I am also starting to do some live original shows around the country and I plan to head up to Townsville in August, so please keep an eye out for these dates on my social pages. Facebook & Instagram.

Photo by Dorian West. Sci-Sonic, Melbourne.

Please head over to my YOUTUBE & SPOTIFY accounts and hit the subscribe & follow button so you don't miss the new release!!

Stay safe, peace out. x

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