CLIMB - Official Release

photo by Leanne Hanley.  Joshua Tree, 2019

Hi all,

So my new track 'Climb' was scheduled to come out early this year, but when the Corona pandemic hit I was advised to hold onto my new music and release once it all settles down. The music industry has gone into shut down and things are so up in the air at the moment that releasing now is a little bit in the unknown territory. But every night while trying to sleep my gut feeling was telling me that NOW is the time to put 'Climb' out into the world & let it fly!

So jump on and Pre-Save the track to your streaming service. AND if you have iTunes, by also Pre-Purchasing the track you will help it reach the Australian music charts! I appreciate your support so thank you in advance! Official release date is April 30.


If you have been following my journey, you would also know that around this time last year I traveled to the USA for the first time to shoot a music video with Melbourne Film-Maker, Leanne Hanley. That video will be Premiered online next week so please sign up to my mailing list for those updates!

Lots of love & stay safe!

Anna x

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