Looking Back On A Big Year.

I have had one of the biggest years in my musical journey and its gearing up to be even bigger next year! Since my crowdfunding campaign finished last year, I have been back and forth to Melbourne recording, traveled to the USA twice and was a finalist in the 'Hollywood Music in Media Awards'. But the coolest part of 2019 was falling in love with creating music again and being so blown away by the team of people who are on board in that process with me!


After recording my first single 'Climb' I had the opportunity to make a music video with a filmmaker from Melbourne named Leanne Hanley. After listening to 'Climb', Leanne had visions of the Arizona desert, which I thought was a crazy sign, given I almost called myself Arizona at one stage! So in June 2019, off we trekked to the USA desert to shoot a music video for 'Climb'. It was all meant to be as I had met a couple of great ladies from Utah, while working in a winery around that very time and they invited Leanne & I to stay and make our video in their beautiful town of Torrey, Utah. We drove a black Dodge Challenger from LA all the way through California, Nevada & Arizona to Torrey, Utah. You will see how beautiful that experience was when the video is released next year! As if once wasn't enough for one year, I had the opportunity to go back to the USA in November and meet up with Leanne in New Mexico to shoot a second video for my next single 'Little Bluebird'. What an amazing & spiritual place. The landscape and people are just beautiful and that seeps into every part of what Leanne captures on film. The new songs & clips will be released in the new year, so please stay tuned!

On top of my adventures to the USA, I also managed to get another 3 tracks underway on my recent trip to the recording studio and I was blown away at how the new songs are taking shape. Simply magic!! Although I was hoping to have 'Crossing the Sea' finished this year I know it will be worth the wait and I thank you for your patience. Above are some shots of Tim Burcham, Dorian West & myself on our recent trip to Dorian's studio in Melbourne.

Be the first to see my new music before its release by Pre-Ordering the album! You can pre-order a CD or choose your price for a digital copy. Once the album is complete I will pop it in the post and send it your way. All sales go toward the making of this record.

order here - https://www.annaweatherup.com/

Lots of love,

Anna xoxo

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