A Pause for A Good Cause..

Hi all! While this year has been busy with the making of my new record, I took a brie pause to take part in the production of this beautiful song for a good cause. Written by Katie Hardyman & Mick Evans, 'Always By Your Side' was written to raise awareness and give hope to those battling a rare form of cancer. Sarcoma is a rare and complex cancer of the bone, cartilage or soft tissues such as fat, muscle, connective tissue or blood vessels. July is Sarcoma Awareness Month so our hope is to raise awareness and funding for this type of cancer and to bring hope to those battling with all forms of illness! I hope you enjoy the song and please feel free to share! To learn more about Sarcoma and how you can helps please check out the CRBF Foundation. You can also check out the song by clicking on the image below!

'Always By Your Side' was written by Katie & Mick Evans and produced by Dale Willis.

There is more news to come regarding my new record so continue to stay tuned.

Anna x

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