Album Update

Hey all, I know you have received a few updates since my campaign last year in August but I wanted to give you guys a bigger picture of what's been happening since the end of that successful campaign (thanks to you all) and the beginning of the recording process!

Pictured above: Dorian West, Anna Weatherup & Tim Burcham

First off, I should start by introducing you to the talented individual who is producing my new record! His name is Dorian West and I am blessed to have him on board! Dorian played in a band with my husband, Tim Burcham, years back and has gone on to work with some of the big names in Australian music, including Tina Arena, Men at Work, Colin Haye, Little River Band, and more! But name dropping aside, Dozz (as we call him) is a truly talented musician & producer, who is dedicated to the creation of art and is also very excited about this record, 'Crossing the Sea'. He's super busy so I have been heading into the studio a few days at a time to record and will continue to do so until the record is done. With the busy schedule he has I am so grateful that he has jumped on board and is excited about this new record! On one of my recent trips to the studio, we recorded an epic little number and I couldn't be happier with it! There is something very special about this track. It will be the second single to be released for 'Crossing the Sea' and you will be the first, once again, to hear it! So stay tuned.

In the Meantime.... So in between recording tracks and working a day job, I have been working on a film clip for my first single 'Climb'. As contributors to my record, you guys will get to see it first! And that's all I'm saying for now. The rest is a big fat surprise! ;) Because I am committed to making 'Crossing the Sea' a beautiful work of art, it is hard for me, at this stage, to put a release date on the record. Just know that I am grateful for your contribution which has made this project possible and I look forward to sharing it with you!

You can pre-order the album here - Anna xx

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