HCRF Ambassador

Hiya all, just wanted to pop by and let you know what I have been up to of late. New music is still on the way! So many songs to choose from and art can take time, so it is still happening and I thank you for believing in me and asking when that new music is out!

I have also been asked to be an ambassador for the Hunter Children's Research Foundation. What a humbling task and I am delighted to be on board. The Foundation works to raise money for the Hunter Medical Research Institute and its so wonderful to be on board.

Head over to their facebook and check out more about this much needed foundation! The clip below has been made using my song Miracle to raise awareness of HCRF and give you an idea of what they are raising money for.

Thanks for the love guys,

Anna xx

HCRF Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hunter-Childrens-Research-Foundation-HCRF/760537600695158?fref=ts

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