VIDEO CREDITS: Filmed by Jason Millhouse & Martin Gibbons - RecordWorks, Brisbane.

Edited by Jason Millhouse, Anna Weatherup.

Final Edit by Leanne West.

Colourist: Stuart Mannion - How Far Films.

Stock Footage supplied by Rick Ray Films & Leanne Hanley.

Australian Bush Fire Footage - Selwyn Cox


SONG CREDITS: Passenger was written by Anna Weatherup & Dorian West.

Produced by Dorian West @Sci-Sonic, Melbourne.

Mastered: Leon Zervos, 301 Studios, Sydney.

Vocals: Anna Weatherup, Dorian West.

Drums: Tim Burcham.

Guitar, Bass & Programming: Dorian West.


A big thank you to Dorian West, Sci-Sonic for producing this track so perfectly! Leighton Wright and his family, for the use of their 69 vf Valiant, which has very special sentiment. Noni Bajka for being a beautiful sister & my stunt double. You have way better legs! Thank you to Jason Millhouse, Martin Gibbons, Melanie Tucker, Adrian Cannatello & Tim Burcham for assisting on video shoot & playing killer drums! Rick Ray, for all his guidance & help with very rare & special stock footage. Leanne Hanley for pulling that amazing final edit together and the extra stock footage. Joady Weatherup for your professional guidance & advice along the way. Selwyn Cox for answering a call out on facebook for Australian bush fire footage and supplying it! And thanks to YOU for checking out my new video. I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to download it from iTunes and save it to your streaming playlists!

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