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This bottle of Hunter Valley Shiraz was placed into Oak on Tuesday the 10th of March 2020.  Australia was just coming out of one of the worst bush fire seasons this beautiful country has ever seen and as we began to pick up the pieces of that devastating event, the air began to change and we were about to face a new kind of strange reality.  Within days of this wine going into barrel, all of Australia and the world came to a sudden holt, due to what seemed like a glitch in the Matrix.  That glitch was called Covid 19.

When I moved to the Hunter Valley in 2013 and started working in wineries, I quickly began to notice the similarities between making a bottle of wine and making music.  Both art forms contain ingredients such as creativity, determination, a pinch of faith & a touch of magic!  In the same way that a bottle of wine has a journey to travel from the vine to your glass, music is the same and requires all of the same essential ingredients.  Some days it’s not easy to see over the mountains you are climbing as you create a record and on those days you must lean on that pinch of faith to continue and move forward until that day you can sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labour.  What a beautiful thing it is.  

Just as I have come through a journey of ups & downs making my new record,  so too have the grapes contained in this bottle of red.  Despite so many set backs and uncertain times, magic & beauty continued to occur.  So as you sip and enjoy this beautiful 2020 Hunter Shiraz, made by the very talented wine-maker Scott Comyns, remember that there has been a road traveled & many stories behind its beauty.